Medium: Sculpture + Installation- Steel, bronze, plaster
Dimensions: 6 x 4.5 x 3 feet (h,w,d)  

Paired with:
The Great Delusion Video and The Tumbleweed, For Example
the three projects together constellate a conversation across mediums with several entry points and ways of thinking through related problems

Beth Johnston Artist Sculpture.  


Thinking through settler-colonial legacies of terraforming, relations to the land, and extractive/exploitive mining practices. The tumbleweed, as a symbol of settler-colonial thought, is embedded in the wall- into the foundation of our* culture.

Research Topics: Geo-logics (specifically Kathryn Yusoff’s work), wrestling with invasiveness, racialized materiality, climate change, decolonizing nature


RISD Graduate Thesis Show, Rhode Island Convention Center, RI, 2022