The Great Delusion

Year: 2022-Ongoing 
Medium: Video
4k Video, 7 min

Video Stills:

“Bill McKibben wrote, ‘We live in a post-natural world.’ But did, ‘Nature’ in this sense ever exist? Or was it rather the deification of the human that gave it an illusory apartness from ourselves? Now that non-human agencies have dispelled that illusion, we are confronted suddenly with a new task: that of finding other ways in which to imagine the unthinkable beings and events of this era.”

– Amitav Ghosh, The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable

Full Video for screenings available upon request: 7 min 8 sec

A few clips: 


The Great Delusion is a visual and auditory essay investigating the ongoing legacy of the commodification of nature.

Using a model of fragmentation, non-linear accumulation, and disorientation, the “essay” points to the ways knowledge and understanding of climate change form.

Starting from the artist’s positioned upbringing in the American West, the essay explores the impacts of manifest destiny, the frontier myth, belief in human exceptionalism, and several political entanglements.

The essay ends with the statement and question: “Cartesian maps de-centered a body. Are we* ready to be decentered?”

Research topics:
decolonizing nature, more-than-human worlds, new materiality, animism, queer ecologies, perception, temporal and spacial chasms/rifts, climate change


RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Rhode Island Convention Center, RI, May, 2022

Microscope Gallery, New York, New York, July/August, 2022

Experiments in Cinema Albuquerque, NM April/May 2023

Experimental Forum, Las Angeles, CA July 2023

Equinox Mountain Environment Film Festival, NY, September 2023

DocuWest Documentary Film Festival, Denver, CO November 2023