The Great Delusion
2k Video, 7 min 5 sec
captions + transcript available

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Full Video for screenings available upon request: 7 min 5 sec

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The Great Delusion is a video essay that explores the climate crisis, the commodification of nature (nature as thing), and the many entanglements of the American landscape imagination.

Installation View, Microscope Gallery, New York, NY
July 2022

Custom steel stand, 2k flatscreen, and custom metal tumbleweeds. 


RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Rhode Island Convention Center, RI, May, 2022

Microscope Gallery, New York, New York, July/August, 2022

Experiments in Cinema Albuquerque, NM April/May 2023

Experimental Forum, Los Angeles, CA July 2023

Equinox Mountain Environment Film Festival, NY, September 2023

DocuWest Documentary Film Festival, Denver, CO November 2023