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Project overview: 

Beetle kill is a well known phenomenon throughout the Western US. Colorado alone has seen millions of trees die because of various beetle infestations- often fueling issues of fire, drought, flooding, and extinction. However, the issue is often seen as a simple villain/victim story where the beetle is the enemy - or - equally misleading, reduced to a “natural” part of forest ecology.

Through collaboration with scientists, intensive research, community conversations, and countless hours spent in the forest, this work attempts to look beyond that good/bad binary and ask the question: what does this beetle have to teach us? 

Commissioned by the University of Colorado Boulder’s CASE (Colorado Art Science Environment) Fellowship, the work was created to be housed in the Colorado State Capital Building including in the offices of Governor Jared Polis and Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera. 


Indicators #1, #2, + #3
16” x 16” (each)
Recycled walnut flooring, beetle kill pine, expired land polaroids


Monarch Pass: 

Monarch Pass: 90% Mortality Rate: An Invitation
Monarch Pass: 90% Mortality Rate: An Invitation
30” x 42” (diptych)
Recycled walnut and oak flooring, beetle kill pine, expired land polaroids


30” x 30” (diptych) 

Walnut frame, archival inkjet prints

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96” x 20” (set of 5 frames)
Walnut frames, archival inkjet print, scanned medium and large format film


40” x 8”
Walnut frame, paint color chip cards

Colors correspond to photos of:(top) tree needles as they fade from dark green to grey and (bottom) beetle larvae to adult as they mature. This change in color happens simultaneously as nutrients are channelled form the tree to the beetles.

Beetle Kill: Symptom or Disease? 


Photography + Installation +
Original Typed Text

Opening May 19th, 2023

Colorado Capital Building
Denver, Colorado

May 2023-October 2023

Commissioned by CU Boulder’s CASE (Colorado Action Science Environment) Fellowship

The Center for the Arts - Crested Butte

June 1- June 19th, 2023

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