artist + educator
v1: CO2 Scroll, projected video: 

There have been several iterations of this work- each performance is altered for the audience and venue site.

For one performance, the above video was projected onto a large wall while I stood within the projection and recited the Red Dots text. 

For another performance (v2 below), images were projected around an empty room, showing a slow zoom-in to find red pixels embedded in the landscape photos. 

Please reach out if you’re interested in the full Red Dots text. I don’t post it here because it is a living document that changes with each performance and ideally it is read aloud. 

Excerpt from RED DOTS: 

                      “I see the red dots
                          across the landscape.
                                 they’re not even red.”

v2: [Video stills from projections]

v3: framed diptych with typed text handouts.

Framed Diptych (not pictured), 20 x 30 frame with mat.  

v4: Using the pecha kucha platform to engage in public education and conversations. 

Presented at SITE Sante Fe, NM with altered intro and visuals to meet the requirements of the pecha kucha format. 


Presentation views from live performance, SITE Sante Fe, January 19th, 2023

Stills from presentation, SITE Sante Fe, January 19th, 2023



video projection + performance

8 feet x 6 feet
3 minutes 10 seconds

data encounter
climate change


SITE Sante Fe
Sante Fe, New Mexico
January 19th, 2023

New Mexico School of the Arts, Sante Fe, NM, March, 2023