artist + educator

making work around|about|amidst|from within the climate crisis
CO2 Scroll, projected video: 

There have been several iterations of this work- each performance is altered for the audience and venue site.

For one performance, the above video was projected onto a large wall while I stood within the projection and recited the Red Dots text. 

For another performance, the following images were projected, showing a slow zoom-in to find red pixels embedded in the landscape photos. 

Please reach out if you’re interested in the full Red Dots text. I don’t post it here because it is a living document that changes with each performance and ideally it is read aloud. 

Excerpt from RED DOTS: 

                      “I see the red dots
                          across the landscape.
                                 they’re not even red.”

[Video stills from projections]



video projection + performance

8 feet x 6 feet
3 minutes 10 seconds

data encounter
climate change

Upcoming performance:

SITE Sante Fe
Sante Fe, New Mexico
January 19th, 2023