Student Examples and Feedback

Sophomore Majors Silver Studio, Fall 2020
Teaching Assistant for Thad Russel

JaLeel Marques Porcha (he/they) 
RISD 2023, Photography and Sculpture Major

Digital Scans from Sophomore Majors Silver Lab, 2022

From JaLeel: 

“During my time at RISD Beth was a source of true encouragement and guidance for me when starting my photographic practice. I found Beth to be truly comforting and easy to access for my needs as a student who did not have the traditional learning environment for college, let alone art school.

Having Beth as my teaching assistant during the first year of covid was a major benefit towards my making practice for my first photography based studio at RISD. Beth’s familiarity with analog photography and experience with mediums beyond traditional practices made it easier for me to push myself and my work than what I originally planned for.

Towards the end of my time in Sophomore Studio, Beth helped me cultivate a strong foundation and appreciation for writing that helped express a holistic view on my images, themes of engagement, and points of interest.”