Year: 2022
Medium: Photography + Original Typed Text
Paired with: The Great Delusion Video and/or Infastructure

original typed text, 8.5” x 11”, 2022

(above) original 600 polaroid, 3.5 x 4.25”, 2021

Questions, diptych 20 x 30”, 8 x 20”, 8 x 30”. 2022

This black and white film photograph was processed with a plant-based film developer made of
locally collected sagebrush and tumbleweeds (some from this photo actually).


Pervasive, Installation view,
Microscope Gallery, New York, NY, 10’ x 22”

Paired with The Great Delusion Video

Intallation view, The Great Delusion, custom steel stand and steel tumbleweeds
Microscope Gallery, New York, NY 2022

The photos and documents of Pervasive apprear in the film (The Great Delusion) and vice versa, creating a conversation across mediums.

The black and white film photograph was processed with plant based film developer made of locally collected sagebrush and tumbleweeds. It was printed as a distributed triptych to point to the tumbleweeds’ pervasiveness and distribution.  

Tumbleweeds (physically, metaphorically, and symbolically) are found in every form of this work.

I’m interested in the tumbleweed’s representation of the american imagination; how they propogate in both domestic and wild spaces; their resemblence to neurons and mapped pathways; and their physical transformation of the land.

And also...

Tumbleweeds are often the first plants to take root in a disturbed landscape. These plants can stabalize soil for other plants to then flourish. So I’m also interested in what we might learn from these weeds- their adaptability and ability to flourish in the face of disturbance.

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RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition
Providence, RI
May- June 2022

Microscope Gallery
All Texts About Love
New York, NY
July - August 2022

Strata Gallery Fragments
Santa Fe, NM
January 2023

weed: pervasive, parasitic, unwanted in human-controlled settings