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Introduction to Darkroom Photography, Spring 2021
Instructor of Record

Patricio Morocho (he/his)
RISD 2022, Painting Major

Course: Introduction to Darkroom Photography
Spring 2021
Instructor of Record

From Patricio:

"While the course was focused on darkroom principles and developing film, my conversations with Professor Johnston helped guide me towards other means of using light.

She helped guide my thoughts towards paper and cyanotyping (we did cyanotyping in class before even touching the darkroom). This path allowed me to nurture indigenous belief structures into my practice. Learning new materials creates new pathways in the mind. I've since begun learning more about plants, natural dyeing, and wood carving (materials my ancestors were more privy to using). Johnston's questioning of the archival definitely guided me down a path I was unknowingly walking to!"

Final Portfolio: