beth johnston...
artist + educator

making work around|about|amidst|from within the climate crisis



  1. the great delusion
  2. the tumbleweed, for example
  3. entangled
  4. windshield phenomena
  5. matter of degrees
  6. red dots
  7. agri.culture
  8. discarded
  9. dear reader
  10. the form(ation) of loess
  11. climate clock

upcoming exhibitions 

July - August 2022
Microscope Gallery
New York, New York


beth johnston

instagram: @beth_johnston_

As an interdisciplinary artist and educator making work in|around|about|within the climate crisis, I am interested in art’s capacity to create space for the “unthinkable.”

Grounded in research on environmental justice, my work explores temporal chasms, climate data encounters, the decolonization of nature, more-than-human worlds, transcorporeality, and how to visualize the imperceptible.

MFA, Rhode Island School of Design, 2022